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Front Step, Inc. is proud to partner with universities and colleges to provide internship opportunities to college students and graduates. In the past, we were blessed to have interns from Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Temple University, Eastern Nazarene College, Philadelphia Biblical University, Eastern University, as well as an intern from Cape Town, South Africa.

Possible Internship positions include:

Intern Coordinator: A position of great responsibility, this person oversees the entirety of summer operations at any of the locations where Front Step interns are working. This person should have strong administrative skills, and a strong and proven ability to manage multiple complex tasks.

Field Construction: Ensures that all field renovations are completed to a high standard, advising on technique, checking quality, and ensuring that all supplies are purchased and in place each day. This intern must be able to achieve goals while remembering that opportunities to interact with neighbors and community members must always be taken.

Building Construction: Works with the construction Project Manager, supervising work teams on various construction projects at multiple Front Step locations, as well as purchasing and readying supplies. This position focuses on the physical labor of construction, and an ability to predict which tools and supplies may be needed.

Sports Coordinator: Coordinates sporting activities conducted with neighborhood children and youth, ensuring that a wide variety of activities are addressed, rules are established and followed, and that good sportsmanship is maintained throughout. An ability to identify and address conflict is important.

Arts & Crafts Coordinator: Creativity, patience, an understanding of working with children and youth, and the flexibility to deviate from the plan based on the needs of the participants are hallmarks of this position. Even if the intern is not a professional level artist, an understanding of a wide variety of creative activities and the ability to teach others is necessary.

Jack of All Trades: While some interns are responsible for particular areas of the program, the Jack of All Trades is flexible enough to move from one activity to the next, depending on the needs of the day. Different days focus on different priorities, and Jack can take part in any or all of them.

Ministry: It is often too easy to focus on the activity of our work and lose sight of its greater purpose. The ministry intern will ensure that the spiritual needs of the community are addressed, both directly through ministry-centric activities, and indirectly through other aspects of the program.

Front Step internship requirements include:

  • On average, interns will work full time; depending on the needs of their designated position, some weeks will be much longer, and some will be much shorter.
  • Interns will have scheduled days off
  • Housing, food, and a small stipend are provided for summer-long service
  • Interns are expected to live at the internship site for the entire season; unforeseen family emergencies can be accommodated
  • Instruction in urban work and ministry will be provided for all interns by an experienced urban missionary and his staff – opportunities are available for nonprofit administration, teaching, program/project development, social work, and a wide range of other associated topics

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