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Front Step programs have…

  • improved morale in some of the toughest neighborhoods in Philadelphia
  • renovated the infrastructure and life of a major city park
  • educated immigrants in English and American society
  • fed the hungry
  • taught leadership and accountability to children and youth
  • taught rural and suburban volunteers about urban needs and issues
  • supported locally owned businesses
  • effectively partnered with other Philadelphia-based organizations
  • introduced low-income children and youth to the possibilities of higher education
  • exemplified the Christian faith
  • proven successful in all of these areas and more

Front Step, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is ready to expand services to bring hope and possibility to the underserved populations of Philadelphia. Construction, renovation, education, relief services, training, and all of the other programs of Front Step require financial resources, and your support is critical.

The money you donate does not go into an endless loop of handouts, but serves to remove some of the most difficult obstacles preventing determined people from getting ahead. Help them gain momentum and help themselves.

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